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1. The Road to Academic Literacy (Video) »Download »Feedback

2. Richard & Kim Encounter Academic Literacy (Video) »Download »Feedback

3. 'Behind Closed Doors' with Grumpy Lecturer - Episode #1: Improving Your Assignment (Video) »Download »Feedback

4. April’s Journey (Video) »Download »Feedback

5. 'Battle Royale' with Grumpy Lecturer, PhD (Comic Strip Serial) »Download »Feedback



About the resources

1. The Road to Academic Literacy (Video) - Key theoretical concepts and interactive examples

Two students step into the world of Academia and learn that success at university involves advanced principles such as critical thinking, creativity, and academic honesty that they must master across their studies to gain satisfactory employment.

There are 3 parts: Video (25 mins), Interactive Questions (5 mins), Video + Questions (30 mins).

2. Richard & Kim Encounter Academic Literacy (Video) – Proactive principles with student dialogue

To connect the theoretical to the everyday, two real life students encounter The Road to Academic Literacy alongside us. Their skepticism and indifference mirrors our own feelings, allowing another point of identification and the ability to address these feelings head on.

There are 3 chapters of approximate 10 mins each; best viewed on separate occasions to avoid overload and build serial interest.

3. 'Behind Closed Doors' with Grumpy Lecturer - "Episode #1: Improving Your Assignment" (Video) – Technical / Practical Instruction / Interactive Feedback

After outlining an overall academic philosophy in The Road to Academic Literacy, this resource translates theory into practice, showcasing specific tips to improve an assignment before our eyes. The presence of the curious student allows direct questioning of the process our infamous Grumpy Lecturer goes through to improve the student's assignment.

18 minutes total or as 6 two-minute tips on writing clearly, using examples, quoting, paraphrasing, referencing and conclusions.

4. April’s Journey (Video) – Transition and acculturation

In 2008, April travelled from northern China to study at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. Struggling with culture shock, communication issues and a new city, social circle, and study style, April learns more about herself and her peers than she ever expected.

A tale in 2 parts running 12 mins in total.

5. 'Battle Royale' with Grumpy Lecturer, PhD (Comic Strip Serial) – Engagement & Advertisement

Words of wisdom from Grumpy Lecturer on a wide range of everyday study issues gets the comic treatment in this 16 episode series about an ancient ping pong tournament at the top of the world. Can be used in Powerpoint format as a weekly tip at the start of lectures, or in pdf or printed booklet during orientation to promote the existence of academic issues and the entire Introducing Academic Literacy resource.

With English and Chinese versions side by side, the comic also doubles as an engaging tool for language exercises.






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