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Curriculum innovation unit

Our purpose

The Curriculum Innovation Unit (CIU) is a central support service established in 2010. We support curriculum design, renewal, innovation, assessment and pedagogy, and:

  • collaborate, connecting experts with teachers and working with you on projects;
  • model innovative and collaborative practice;
  • enable quality in curriculum renewal, developing materials for eLearning tools and flexible delivery;
  • stimulate new thinking, cross-university discussion, sharing successes and lessons learnt.

The team

Trish McCluskey - CIU Manager
Trish McCluskey CIU Manager | TDU / WERC / CAPS Liaison

Trish McCluskey has over 20 yrs experience working across the Tertiary Education Sector in Australia and overseas. She is a passionate advocate and product of the transformative power of education. She joined VU in 2003 and has worked in a variety of roles including teacher, program manager, project leader, Chair of Education and Research Board and University Council member. Trish has expertise in all aspects of curriculum design, delivery and review.

Area of Responsibility: > Learning and Teaching Policy
office: +61 3 9919 8343
mobile: +61 434 072 754

Koya Marney
Koya Marney LWCD Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Learning in the Workplace & Community;
> Graduate Capabilities/Good Practice Database
office: +61 3 9919 5587

Mark O'Rourke
Mark O'Rourke FoBL/HES Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Internationalisation the Curriculum;
> Flexible and Blended Delivery / eLearning
office: +61 3 9919 8306
mobile: +61 400 660 224

Angela Daddow
Angela Daddow FAEHD/WFD Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Transition/Retention/ Pathways;
> Education for Sustainability / The 'Green' Curriculum
office: +61 3 9919 8365
mobile: +61 435 964 659

John Supple
John Supple VU College/FAEHD Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > eLearning / Blended and Flexible Delivery;
> Re:VU (Lectopia)
office: +61 3 9919 8486
mobile: +61 401 676 268

Robert Ford
Robert Ford TTI/FOBL Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Education for Sustainability;
> Graduate Capabilities
office: +61 3 9919 8471
mobile: +61 401 640 302

Kerry Pantzopoulos
Kerry Pantzopoulos WFD/HES Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Learning & Teaching Policy;
> Internationalisation the Curriculum office: +61 3 9919 8309
mobile: +61 401 624 289

Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen QIPS/CAPS Liaison
Areas of Responsibility: > Planning and Evaluation Officer;
> Sharepoint / Learning in the Workplace & Community office: +61 3 9919 8465
mobile: +61 435 967 504

Judy Shaul
Judy Shaul Web Projects Officer
Areas of Responsibility: > Learning and Teaching Portal
> Multimedia
mobile: +61 478 407 244

Our process

CIU's projects are driven by the needs, plans and priorities of faculty teaching staff, negotiated and co-ordinated with you for effective outcomes and maximised deliverables. A service agreement ensures quality outcomes and evaluation.

Our projects focus on:
  • embedding graduate capabilities
  • integrating Learning in the Workplace and Community (LiWC)
  • extending education for sustainability
  • internationalising the curriculum
  • scaffolding transition and pathways
  • developing assessments
  • expanding learning outcomes
  • innovating course design and delivery
  • sharing and showcasing innovation

Our flexibility is key to successful partnerships. We can work with you one-one-one or as part of a project team. We can also connect you to expertise at VU - such as the Learning Tools Unit (LTU) or the Teacher Development Unit (TDU).

The style and mode of CIU assistance is always negotiated to fit your needs.

We are also fully committed to engaged and ongoing research and professional development in curriculum renewal and education innovation.

Curriculum innovation unit - resources for staff

CIU continues to develop its extensive resources for staff and make available these and other excellent resources developed across VU. Click below to view some examples:

Make an enquiry

For general enquiries, please contact our helpful administrative staff:

Pushpa Richards
Pushpa Richards Administration Officer - CIU
> General Enquiries /
office: +61 3 9919 8329
Fax: +61 3 9919 8345
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