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ePortfolios offer staff and students a dynamic learning space for documenting LiWC outcomes, attaining and validating graduate capabilities or employability skills, becoming a reflective learner, and developing a professional identity.

What ePortfolios offer

ePortfolios are personal, digital learning spaces that support both the process of learning and the product of learning. 

The learner collects a wide range of authentic evidence in digital form, so it can include not only written text; including scanned original documents, but also images, audio and video.  The opportunity also exists for the learner's reflective practice to become more sophisticated as their graduate capabilities or employability skills increase over the life of their studies.

In My ePortfolio the user can:

  • reflect on their learning and experiences, both formal and informal, and non-formal;
  • identify what has been learned against generic skills: graduate attributes or employability skills;
  • view their progress over time and so develop concept of lifelong and lifewide learning;
  • obtain peer and mentor/teacher feedback or support;
  • develop personal identity/ies (social, political, academic, professional...)
  • plan a course of action and so manage their learning and professional development;
  • collect, select and present items/evidence for assessment (RPL, formative and summative); and
  • collect and select items for presentation to a prospective employer or professional association.

Integrating ePortfolios into curriculum

Both the functional design of the VU e-portfolio system and the literature support the integration of ePortfolio learning within the curriculum.  This will extend teaching practice so ePortfolios become a tool for synthesis of learning across a range of contexts including LiWC.  It is equally important to work out how ePortfolios can best underpin the linkages between units from year to year, as it is to start small scale in a trial at unit level and then build on increasing understanding of how ePortfolios support a particular field of study. 

Many courses have workplace placements/practicums and develop a culture of reflective practice based on the use of STAR or STTAR (Situation, Task, Theory, Action, Result). 

One Example at VU: Bachelor of Nursing

This newly approved degree has a personal professional practice portfolio integrated into each of the three years, particularly the clinical practicum, and based on the use of STAR (situation, task, action & result).  Students enter their clinical achievements. In year three the portfolio is finalised in the unit, Issues in Professional Practice, where the evidence is expected in the following areas: reflective journal, record of in-service training, self directed learning, short courses, voluntary work, student representations, awards and appraisals.

E-Portfolio Project [video] - The Melbourne School of Engineering

Two questions:

  1. How does a student develop graduate attributes?
  2. How does a student work towards that using an ePortfolio?

Accessing My ePortfolio and help resources

Help resources for all

The VU ITS eLearning Solutions Pebblepad and ePortfolio Resources Catalogue

The VU ITS eLearning Solutions Pebblepad/ePortfolio Users Guide

Video Tutorials
A collection of video tutorials for working in My ePortfolio

Help files
Resources provided by the creators of My ePortfolio

Roots, (para)chutes and ladders: on growing and nurturing e-portfolio teachers and learners.
Presentation given by Julie Hughes- click on the above link to download the slides

Julie Hughes guest lecture- Roots, (para)chutes and ladders: on growing and nurturing e-portfolio teachers and learners
Click on the above link to watch the presentation

Julie Hughes practical session- implementing PebblePad in the School of Education at the University of Wolverhampton.
Click on the above link to watch the presentation

Staff resources

Staff Portal
Login to My ePortfolio through the Services tab inside the staff portal

Guide to Logging in to the MyVU Portal: step-by-step

Collecting career resources on an ePortfolio
A guide created by Student Career Development

My ePortfolio resources for staff
Resources and guides for working in the PebblePad system

My ePortfolio case studies

Student resources

MyVU Portal
Login to My ePortfolio through MyVU Student Portal

Guide to Logging in to the MyVU Portal: step-by-step

Tutorials for using ePortfolio for career development
A guide created by Student Career Development

Activating a personal account

If you have been using PebblePad at your institution and are about to graduate or leave, you are entitled to a free PebblePad account for 12 months. This is provided so that you can take your PebblePad assets with you and continue to use PebblePad to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career.

Activating a personal account

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