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Learning in the Workplace and Community(LiWC)

What is Learning in the Workplace and Community?

LiWC refers to the practice of students engaging in learning in a workplace or a community setting. Learning activities that explicitly utilize work and community as an element of curriculum are therefore considered learning in the workplace and community, as are assessment practices and processes.

LiWC is characterized as a curriculum that:

  • Specifies some or all learning outcomes in terms of work or community service practices and processes,
  • Includes learning and teaching activities that utilize work as a site for learning, and locates learning activities in the workplace,
  • Involves assessment of learning outcomes for work-related elements.

LiWC explicitly integrates learning and work through these processes and practices. If learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment relating to learning in the workplace and community are aligned, then integration will be achieved.

View some example Case Studies to illustrate models of this approach.

The Five Commitments

Learning in the Workplace and Community is one of the 5 Commitments announced by Victoria University as part of its new future directions.

In response to the changing global economy and labour shortages, Victoria University plans to reshape and redirect its position as a major innovative education provider in the western suburbs of Victoria.

Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Professor Harman said “By 2010, we will ensure that every VU student will have 25 per cent of their learning on the job and in the community - making them job ready. We will also give every student at VU the opportunity to customise their learning in flexible ways that meet their personal needs and career paths."

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