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General English - Listening

external web link Behind the News: Watch and listen to the  BTN news.

external web link Enough Rope with Andrew Denton:  Here, you can watch excerpts from some of the best ENOUGH ROPE interviews since 2003. Scroll down to the section watch online.

weblink VILC: The Virtual ILC is an Australian site with different sections.  Go to 'Realweb' for language learning tasks; 'Easynews' to listen to news articles and answer questions or 'Listen to this'  for listening about a topic. This site is only available within Victoria University.

external web link BBC Learn English: Listen and read the news. Click on Watch & Listen. 

external web link ABC Radio National: The site has authentic listening material on current topics.

weblink ABC Radio News: Advanced listening. Listen to the radio news and complete the cloze activities. This site is only available within Victoria University.

external web link VOA Special English: Listen to a 30 minute program news and special feature reports.  They are written and produced daily for learners of English.  You can also listen to many special reports with scripts or do some English practice activities.  (American English) 

external web link Randall's ESL Cyber Lab: Lots of listening activities.

external web link Listen to English podcasts: You can listen to lots of stories on a wide range of topics or download them to your mp3 player to listen to later.   Sometimes language notes or quizzes are included.  Look at the archive to see the full list of topics.  This is an excellent site.

external web link Adult Learning Activities:  Improve your listening  and reading skills.

external web link ESL Radio: This Australian site was created by Monash University.  The program guide tells you about Monash University.  Click on the Listening Activities to choose a listening program.

external web link Dr Karl: On this site Dr Karl talks about Science on ABC Radio.  There are two pages - Homework has shorter conversations and Famous Moments has longer ones.  On both pages, you can listen and read at the same time.

weblink In The News: News stories & downloadable activities. This site is only available within Victoria University.

external web link English Songs & Lyrics:   Listen to the music and read the lyrics of many English songs from the 1930s- to the 1990's

external web link Breaking News: News stories with vocabulary and comprehension exercises. Recent stories have audio. Stories are added weekly. You can choose stories from the theme (topic) list near the bottom of the page. Intermediate to Advanced Students.

external web link ELISA: This site is suitable for EL1 and UP students. Listen to interviews about peoples' careers  There are large word lists and the texts for each interview and you can use the site's concordancer to study the vocabulary.  These two interviews also have a lot of activities.

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